Top Family lawyer separation and divorce
As anticipated, the possibility of a divorce brings clients to our office with a wide range of emotions. We are very sensitive to those going through a marital breakdown. We understand that some of you have lost what seemed a source of unconditional support, only to be replaced by the frustration of seemingly hostile or stressful legal proceedings. In order to legally end your marriage, you must apply to the court for a divorce. An application for divorce can only be filed in a Superior Court of Justice or Family Court branch of the Superior Court of Justice.

We have handled hundreds of contested divorces with confidence, compassion and personalized attention. Hiring a divorce lawyer early in the process often prevents the mistakes that occur when parties to divorce represent themselves before the court. We know this because we handle many cases where individuals have tried to handle their divorce themselves and later came to us when they could no longer navigate their way through the legal system. Receiving legal assistance early in the process can prevent many of the mistakes clients make trying to handle things themselves.

In addition to contested divorces, we will be able to assist you with an uncontested divorce.